Whether you are brand new to performance work, or a longtime student wishing to add nuance to your repertoire, investing in private lessons is a fantastic way to improve your skills, broaden your horizons, and gain confidence.  My formal training and professional career, coupled with my love for teaching and collaboration, provide the perfect backdrop of experience for you to work off of in achieving your acting goals. 
I am available for in-person or online consultations and lessons in the following disciplines:

I am a certified Lessac Practitioner, and can help you with the following: public speaking; dialect training; voiceover; overall vocal health for the actor/singer; training techniques; voice and body connectedness.


Need help finding material that you feel connected to? Or how to cut that material to show what you're capable of in a 90-second audition? Simply interested in feedback on your presence and performance, or looking to workshop material? Or in the market for an experienced reader for a scene you are filming? Interested in learning about how to devise your own work? For these and other questions, contact me and let's get to work.


Afraid to dive into Shakespeare or the Greeks on your own? Analyzing classical texts, and learning how to work with them instead of against them can be difficult on your own.  Discover how to appreciate the classics like a scholar, while bringing them to life through innovative performance.


The actor's instrument is the entire self--body, mind, and spirit.  Whether it's a routine physical and vocal health consultation you seek, or simply someone to keep you accountable in delving into new works and styles of performance, having an acting advocate as an ally can help you improve over time immensely.  Like every discipline that is worth mastering, performance must be practiced and developed over and over again, as there will always be ways in which you can challenge yourself and grow. 



Whether you are in need of an educator, a director with a nuanced eye, a choreographer with unique vision, a dialect coach for your cast, or a guest artist to visit your classroom or work event, I am passionate about working on projects that connect people and ideas.  Please direct any and all inquiries directly to me through my contact page.


I am a storyteller.  As an actor and theatre professional, it is my passion to invest in the stories and lives of others (plus, I speak in front of large crowds for a living, so performing wedding ceremonies seemed fitting).  I registered as an official wedding officiant in 2012 and have since enjoyed working with couples in sharing the magic of their love stories with their families and friends.  Because of my varied background in performance and theatre production, I will be able to provide for you a trustworthy and professional experience on your journey into your marriage and partnership.  I care about your love story, and have no other desire than to help make the dream of your union a reality.


As an officiant, I provide a unique and personalized wedding ceremony that is perfectly tailored to my couples' personalities and styles.  I am available to fully customize the ceremony to suit your desires and needs, as well as address any and all concerns regarding the proceedings for your wedding day.


I will also bring as much humor as you like into the festivities.  I love to laugh, and I love a good corny joke, so if you do too, then we shall get along swimmingly.  Feel free to request as many puns and Monty Python/Princess Bride "mahwage" jokes as you like!


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